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Located in the upper North Island, Auckland is home to almost 1.2 million people, which represents a third of New Zealand's total population and is the fastest growing area in the country. 

A coastal city set amidst beautiful harbours, Auckland is a perfect blend of sophisticated city living and outdoor beauty that makes it one of the most desirable destinations in the world. Some of our Mental Health services are based at Auckland City Hospital, conveniently located in central Auckland. This allows you to live where you choose – close to one of the beautiful north shore or eastern beaches, in the west near native bush, or in the city itself.

The largest city in New Zealand and the world's biggest Polynesian centre, Auckland is a diverse mix of contemporary lifestyle, cultural heritage, sporting achievements, economic vibrancy and colourful multi-cultural uniqueness, set in pristine marine-based environment.

Located in an 11 km-wide isthmus surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea, the city enjoys a mild, sub-tropical climate and diverse landscape ranging from golden beaches, bush-clad hills, native forest and 50 beautiful Hauraki Gulf Islands. The city is liberally scattered with dormant or extinct volcanoes and if you climb to the top of any one of them, chances are, you will be able to pick out at least half a dozen others. One Tree Hill being one of the most famous. Rangitoto, guarding the entrance to the Waitemata Harbour, is the biggest and very hard to miss.

Some of the many benefits of making Auckland home include:

• Close proximity to beaches, wilderness, skifields, volcanoes, countryside, islands and mountains.
• Clean air and fresh water, straight from the tap.
• Harbours that are among the best marine playgrounds in the world.
• Home to numerous galleries and museums.
• Fabulous boutique shopping.
• A relatively cheap cost of living in comparison with big cities worldwide.

More than half of Aucklanders are New Zealand European (Pakeha), nearly 10% are Maori (Tangata Whenua - People of the Land, termed in some countries as indigenous), another 10% are Pacific Island Polynesian and further 14% are Asian. Numerous smaller ethnic groups add to the multi-cultural flavours of the region

For more information about the advantages that Auckland and New Zealand can offer, check out our links page!