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Auckland district health board (ADHB)


'See Who Cares', a photographic exhibition of ADHB staff



The faces of Auckland’s healthcare community are being unveiled in a year-long photographic exhibition to be launched at Auckland City Hospital on Monday 20th November.


“3M Medical See Who Cares” is a visual celebration of Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) staff to reveal not only the personality behind the professional but also to acknowledge the commitment and dedication of ADHB staff. 


David Mendes, exhibition photographer and part-time registered nurse in the Child and Family Unit at Starship Hospital, came up with the idea initially as a means to make staff more visible as people rather than their functional role to the public visiting hospitals.


“I saw it as an opportunity to recognise those people who have dedicated their lives to providing care for others. It’s an important thing to be acknowledged by your community – it’s about feeling valued and saying thanks,” said David.


Each image highlights the ethnic and cultural diversity of staff, celebrating the array of professions that unite to providing healthcare to the Auckland community.  Over 1,500 people a day will have the opportunity to view the exhibition, the average number of people passing through the main corridors and open spaces of Auckland City  Hospital and the Greenlane Clinical Centre, the two exhibition venues. 20 new images will be added every two months with 120 images in total on display at the conclusion of the exhibition. 


Garry Smith , Chief Executive at ADHB, said “It is the people and their skills and professionalism that makes this organisation what it stands for Healthy Communities, Quality Healthcare”.


“Wonderful outcomes are achieved every day for our patients and it is great to see this exhibition profiling some of our team members.  My congratulations to David Mendes for his innovative idea,” said Mr Smith.


According to Mr Mendes, the support given to the project by staff has been overwhelmingly positive.  “The whole project has taken on its own momentum.  People have really got behind it and shown their support, which has been so gratifying. It’s been phenomenal to engage the involvement of so many, and bring the idea to fruition,” he said.